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Many of our members expend a lot of time, energy, and resources to keep our Association running, improve our Association, and keep our trapping heritage strong.  These members deserve our recognition.  The VTA Awards Program was created to provide this recognition.  Nominations for consideration of award can be submitted for any person that you feel is deserving of one of the following awards. Any VTA member in good standing can submit nominations for consideration.  Nominations can be submitted through your District Director or directly to the VTA President. Nominations can be emailed, mailed, or delivered in-person to the President.  Depending on the type of award, the President will present the nomination to the Executive Board/Board of Directors or forward them to the Awards Committee for consideration.


All nominations must be submitted on the Award Nomination Form for Board or Committee review.  Awards are presented at our annual convention.  In order to obtain Board or Committee approval and acquire the award for presentation, the deadline for receipt of nominations is May 15.


President’s Award - awarded by the VTA President for service well above and beyond any assigned duties which may devolve upon that individual by virtue of his or her position on the Board of Directors, his or her assigned duties, or his or her actions providing considerable assistance to the membership and the organization.


Director of the Year - awarded by the Awards Committee from nominations received from the membership of the VTA for service as a District Director which brought distinction, leadership and a high level of membership support and activism to his or her District and the VTA in general.


Trapper of the Year - awarded by the Awards Committee from nominations received from the membership of the VTA for activities which bring distinction upon himself or herself and upon the VTA especially in the areas of leadership, activism, and training.


Honorary Lifetime - awarded by vote of the Executive Board for prolonged and continuous distinguished service to the VTA. Nominations are received from the general membership to their District Director.  The District Director will forward with a recommendation for approval, or disapproval, to the Executive Board for action.


Hall of Fame - Awarded to any member who has devoted many years of continuous distinguished service to the VTA. Selection is based upon nomination by the Executive Board and approval by the full Board of Directors and then by vote of the General Membership.


Certificates of Appreciation - Awarded to any member of the VTA for exemplary service to the VTA when nominated by a District Director or any other member of the Board of Directors and approved by the President or Vice-President. Any person not a member of the VTA who meets the above criteria may, upon approval of the Executive Board, be awarded a Certificate of Appreciation.


Down Load The Award Nomination Form


VTA Awards Program