The Virginia Trappers Association is proud to have the below listed veterans as members and hope you will be as proud of them for their service as we are.

There is nothing we can do to adequately thank those who have given up their time and part of their lives to the service of our country.  We can, however, recognize those who have served us and our country.


District 1

Tony D Hall                USA/Reserves, 23 1/2 yrs          Gulf War Vet,Retired E-7/SFC                      Yes

Kenny Hurst               USA 4 ½ yrs                                   Gulf War Veteran                                                 Yes

John Gullion              USA/USAR 13 Years  E-6                                                                                                Yes

Robert Jobe Sr.         USA/Retired 27 Years  CW3                                                                                          



District 2


Kent Eanes



District 3


Greg Mason                Army Reserve                   Continuous    E-8                                                                  No

Charles T. Cushwa    USN Submarine Service 1953-57 Korean Conflict.  Electrician's Mate first class


District 4


Ed Crebbs                          USN-21 ½ years                 Ret. Lt/GMMC                                                            Yes

Charlaine Crebbs            Navy   3 years                 HM3                                                                                    No

Glen Mabe                           Navy 4 years                   Electrician 3rd class                                                  No

Dickie Craig                       USA Nat’l Guard-6 yrs                                                                                              No

Harmie Wiley

Bill Bryant                 

Dale Brooks

Lloyd Lam                  

James Butler

Scott Dean                          USMC 4 yrs



District 5


Warren Pence           

Michael Meisburger        USN– 6yrs                       ABF3                                                                                 Yes

Brian Nelson                     USN-3yr/3mos                                                                                                            No

Chance Taylor                  USMC-6yrs                       E-5

Jim Sherman                       USA-2yrs                        Spec/4                                                                                 No

Ralph Nicholson              USA-3yrs

Charles Jenkins               USMC for 2 years  E4 M.O.S. 2111                           Veitnam Era

Craig Kunkel                     USA  11 Years 5 Months  3 Years USAR

Robert Shaw                      USA  30 Years                COL  [Ret]

Patrick Sprague               USA  3 Years                  CPT            Ft. Bragg


District 6


John Adams



District 7


Robert B. Graham    

Thomas L. Carpenter

James Jackson  retired Navy Vet, 25 Years retired Master Chief (MCPO/E-9), Gulf War Vet


District 8


Blanche Conley                USAF-8 yrs                 SSGT                                                                                        No

Mark Culberson               USA-2 yrs                                                                                                                     Yes

Art Foltz                             USAF-29yrs                                                                                                                Yes

Mike Giaramito                   USA-2yrs                                                                                                                     Yes

Larry Kline                         USMC-3yrs                                                                                                                  Yes

Francis Richards              USN-3mos                                                                                                                     No

Darrell Schwartz            USA-21yrs                  Retired                                                                                 Yes



District 9


J. B. Sessor




District 10


Dick Baxendale                USN                        Retired CPO

Kevin Cornwell               USN-26yrs            Retired SCPO                                                                             Yes

Jay DeHart                         USA-28yrs           Retired CWO4





District 11


District 0 (out of state)

Barry Warner                    USAF-4yrs                                                                                                                   Yes



If you do not see your name here (and we should see it) send your information to Ed Crebbs at and we will post it here.  If our information is incomplete or incorrect let us know and we will update it.  Our goal is to recognize every veteran in our organization for their service.


Thank you for what you have done for our nation and for us.