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The VTA / Virginia Trappers Association Is A Non- Profit Organization Ogani

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Trapper Training

VTA State Training Coordinator


Norman Pierce

315 Harpers Bridge Road

Rawlings, VA 23876

Phone: 804-478-4523

Mobile Phone: 804-720-0809

Email: jupier8@aol.com


Assistant training Coordinator


John Gullion

681 Porter Valley Rd.

Marion, VA. 24354

Phone: 276-378-6605

Email: johng@virginiatrappers.com












Trapper Training

Trapper Training Schedule

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The VTA is dedicated to trapper education, whether it be with the non-trapper, the veteran trapper or the young trapper.  Currently, we are working in conjunction with the Virginia Department of Game & Inland Fisheries to establish a trapper training education program.  Similar in nature to the hunter's education program, we feel this program will help all trappers learn the basics & the essentials of humane wildlife conservation, by way of trapping.

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Trapper Education
Certified Trapper
 Education Instructors

District 1
John Gullion  #6-8-2015
681 Porter Valley Rd.
Marion VA. 24354
Ph. 276-378-6605
email: johng@virginiatrappers.com

District 6
Norman Pierce
315 Harpers Bridge Road
Rawlings, VA 23876
Ph: 804-478-4523
email: jupier8@aol.com

District 7
Kevin Cornwell
13256 Queens Gate Terrace
Carrollton, VA 23314
Ph. 757-238-2438
email: Kevin_cornwell@hotmail.com