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The VTA / Virginia Trappers Association Is A Non- Profit Organization Ogani

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About the Virginia Trappers Association



The Virginia Trappers Association (VTA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1966 becoming a part of a national brotherhood of strength to promote and protect our trapping heritage across North America.The purpose of the Virginia Trappers Association is to promote the interests of trappers and fur management in the Commonwealth of Virginia, in cooperation with the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries.  Membership and education are our primary focus areas.  We need a healthy membership to keep the Association functioning both financially and politically. When we stand in front of legislative bodies defending our heritage, the size of our Association counts.  Our education program is a two-track system.  We seek to provide advanced education for seasoned trappers via seminars and workshops to introduce new trapping technologies and improve fur management skills.  Also, we provide basic trapper training courses for new trappers to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to ethically and safely start their trapping pursuits.  These basic courses are one of our primary outreaches to the communities and our youth.  

The VTA has a number of programs to assist trappers and promote trapping;  

· Publish a quarterly newsletter, The Virginia Trapper

· Hold an annual fur auction to provide a market for fur

· Hold annual convention with trapping demonstrations and supply vendors

· Setup VTA booth at trade shows to promote trapping interest

· Affiliate with other national and state organizations having similar interests

· Provide educational courses, seminars, and workshops

· Monitor legislative actions to preserve trapping rights

If you would like to be a part of the effort to preserve our trapping heritage, consider becoming a member of the VTA or by providing a donation to our Association