Please read this entire page before making application(s).

The Virginia Trappers Association, Inc hereby establishes the Page Moran, Bill Kindervater, Curtis Wilburn Memorial scholarship. This fund is supported by donations from the families of these three revered trappers, the Virginia Trappers Association, Inc, and the generosity of trappers throughout the United States.

This scholarship shall be funded solely by donations and the interest generated by the invested monies. It shall be a self-sustaining fund.

At no time can any single award or aggregate of awards in one calendar year exceed ninety (90) percent of the annual income earned by the fund in the previous calendar year.

Application shall be open to any resident of Virginia or Maryland Matriculating at a Virginia or Maryland College or University and whose declared major field of study shall be in the related fields of Wildlife Management.

Applications shall be filled out completely and returned to the Virginia Trappers Association, Inc: Attention Education Committee. The submitted package must be received in the Training Coordinator’s office not later than March 31 of the calendar year of application by the applicant to an accredited college or university.

The selection committee shall consist of: State Training Coordinator (Chair), Assistant State Training Coordinator, and the five regional coordinators. The selection committee shall receive each applicant’s application package from the Secretary (recording) no later than April 15 of the application year.

The selection committee shall report its selection to the President, Virginia Trappers Association, Inc through the Chair no later than May 15 of the application year.

All monetary awards shall be paid directly to the school of the selected applicant upon confirmation of student selection by that school.

The applicant must be:

A legal resident of the state of Virginia.

Between the ages of 17 and 30.

A high school student in his or her senior year or a high school graduate or currently enrolled in an under-graduate program and maintaining a 3.0 GPA.

Declaring a major field of study in Wildlife Management or one of its related fields.

Any student who has previously received this award may re-apply.

The selection committee shall use, but not be limited to, the following criteria when reviewing an application;

Financial need.

Academic qualifications.

Extracurricular involvement.

Field of study.

Community involvement.

The application package shall consist of:

Application page.

Transcripts from the current (and all previously attended) secondary school and college/university(s) as applicable.

One academic reference (form provided).

Two character references (form provided).

Financial statement (form provided).

An essay. This essay will provide the committee with an example of the applicants writing skills, the academic commitment of the student to his/her chosen profession, and what he/she sees as his/her contribution to the chosen field.

Please send your application and/or related material, as follows:

Virginia Trappers Association

Scholarship Committee

c/o Norman Pirce Training Cordnator

315 Harpers Bridge Rd.

Rawlings, VA. 23876

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