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    This picture is with my son Jonathan Arnold. We are from Cripple Creek, Virginia. Jonathan is 15 and last year was his first year trapping 2013-2014. (Added 10/21/2014)


      I've been trapping with my dad for as long as can I can remember. We have caught all kinds of animals. One day my dad and I went trapping. I ask him if I could have a trap. And he said yes. And I picked out a muskrat trap and a snare. Then one day we went to check traps and I  had a muskrat in the trap and a raccoon in the snare. I was so excited to have two animals. It's about a month later dad has got the muskrat and the raccoon skinned for the fur sale. We had to be there at 8:00. I was tired because I had a cold. I was tired and coughing and everything till a nice man came by and said " I will give you TWENTY DOLLARS for your fur". He gave me more than he gave my dad.

 I love to go trapping with my dad and brother because we have so much fun together.

 Lauren Bedwell   1/31/2010




     Hello my name is Tyler Hodge and I am from Bland County. I just want to tell you a little about my trapping season. So far this year I have caught seven coyotes and five red foxes in foot hole traps. I have also caught many coons, opossums, and skunks. This year I have a new trapping buddy. His name is Luke Gibson. He is my good friend. We leave about 6 in the morning so we can check before school, then after school we go back to redo or make new sets. He's just new to this and really enjoys it. He has been willing to learn a lot of things I have been able to teach him. I myself have also learned a lot this year. It has really helped me with my sets. I use a variety of baits and lures, but I am under oath not to tell what they are. I have acquired them from people and made some myself. I have my favorites then least favorites. 2/1/2010





'Animal Tracks of North America' by Richard P. Smith www.stackpolebooks.com click on the Search link at the top of the page and type "Animal Tracks of North America" in the title bar.


Jake Meadows with his first muskrat  



Josh and Jake Meadows with the day's catch


Tina Stoneman is 10 years old. Tina has always loved the outdoors, hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking. She became interested in trapping in the fall of 2014 when her mother started showing interest. Tina and her mother started watching you tube videos on trapping, they wanted to expand their knowledge on trapping. Soon Tina’s mother started talking to Norman Pierce he sent Tina and her mom all kinds of information on trapping. Norman introduced them to John Gullion one of the trainers for the Virginia Trapper Association. John invited them to a Basic Trappers training course. Tina learned so much and made several new friends too! Next Tina attended the Advanced Trappers class and learned even more techniques on how to trap. She said “ It was a cold, rainy day but it was fun and I learned a lot”!

Scence fall of 2014 Tina has become a member of the Virginia Trappers Association and a member of the Fur Takers of America. She attends her district trappers meetings on every 2nd Sunday of the month. She also went to the District 1 Rendezvous in Bland this past year. Tina will be attending the District 1 Fur sale in March and the state convention in July