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District 1 Meeting 2nd. Sunday Each Month


State Fur Sale

10 March 2018


District 1 Fur Sale

17 March 2018


State Convention

June 21-24 2018


Bland Rendezvous

19-20 October 2018



























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Virginia Trappers Association
Officer Election  Results

President Wynston Holbrook

Membership Secretary Brian Byers
Vice-President Norm Mullins  

Recording Secretary Dave Kimball
Membership Secretary Brian Byers

Treasurer Annette Greenwood  

NTA Representative Roy Wood  

General Organizer Josh Fitchett


Thank YOU ! From Ed. Crebbs

In 1991 Randy Colvin got my to go to a state trapping convention where he also convinced me to join the VTA, then become a District Director. It has been a very rewarding 26 years. I thought I had retired 4 years ago. But I was needed a year later. Today, January 1, 2018, I have again retired. 

To all of you who put up with me for these many years, bless you for your patience. Bless you also for your friendship. You have enriched my life and taught me so much.

Thank you for allowing me to serve the VTA these many years.

Ed Crebbs, Retired (again)